As the goodwill ambassador of the industry, the Association de l’industrie électrique du Québec (AIEQ) emphasizes the importance of continuing the development of renewable energy among the citizens, the policymakers and the various government agencies, so they can choose strategies that encourage the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the creation of collective wealth.

In addition to promoting and representing its members, the AIEQ ensures the communication of the electrical industry’s current news. The AIEQ encourages the rational use of energy resources in Quebec while respecting the different communities.

The AIEQ is a non-profit organization founded in 1916. It unites the various players of the electrical industry. The added value and know-how of its members (consulting engineering, electricity producers, manufacturers, etc.) make them strong economic stakeholders in Quebec. Their expertise is recognized worldwide.


  • Fight against climate change

Highlight the importance of the Quebec electrical industry and feature its ability to contribute to a greener economy and reduce GHG emissions.

  • Highlight on Northern Quebec’s resources

Promote the benefits of pursuing the development of major hydroelectric projects with an emphasis on this state-of-the-art of the area.

  • International development and export

Endorse exports by the decision makers.

  • Energy efficiency

Promote solutions that increase the energy system’s management and decrease the global electricity consumption.

  • Labor challenges

Feature the industry’s vitality and its career opportunities.

  • Federal regulatory framework

Inform on how the hydroelectric projects are designed in accordance with the environment.