The humble story of a great association

During the last 100 years, the Association de l’industrie électrique (AIEQ) united the different key-players of the electrical industry towards common goals. As a matter of fact, it is no coincidence if this association has become the voice of the Quebec electrical industry…


Founding of the Club d’électricité de Montréal

In January, W. H. Winter, of Bell Telephone Company, and P. T. Davis, of Southern Canada Power Company, realize that the people of the electrical industry know each other very little and rarely have the opportunity to socialize. They then organized a meeting at Cooper’s restaurant.

Given the success of the event – which was attended by seven people – it was decided that such a meeting would take place every Wednesday. It is the unofficial founding of the Club d’électricité de Montréal.

Manufacturers and dealers of the electrical industry are invited to join the group. On February 2, 1916, there are 37 people at the meeting. In spring 1916, Mr. W.J. Camp, of CPR Telegraphs is invited as a guest speaker at the first luncheon of the organization.

For several years, the Club is run by representatives of the largest companies of the era: Canadian General Electric, Shawinigan Water and Power, Canadian Westinghouse, Northern Electric, McGraw Hill & Co. Ltd., etc.


Founding of Hydro-Quebec

The Government of Quebec founded Hydro-Québec with the nationalization of the Montreal Light, Heat & Power. During the heyday of the major developments of James Bay (1975-1985), the electrical industry is thriving and the Club recruits many members.

List of the chairmen of the Board of Directors since the creation of the AIEQ.




W.H. Winter 1916-1917
W.H. Winter 1917-1918
W.H. Winter 1918-1919
W.H. Winter 1919-1920

W.H. Winter 1920-1921
W.H. Winter 1921-1922
G.E. Templeman 1922-1923
P.M. McFarlane 1923-1924
D.H. Ross 1924-1925
E.S. McNab 1925-1926
A.L. H. Jones 1926-1927
P.T. Davies 1927-1928
F.S. Keith 1928-1929
R.M. Hannaford 1929-1930

L.C. Haskel 1930-1931
A.J. Soper 1931-1932
D.W. Massie 1932-1933
L. St-J. Haskel 1933-1934
F.W. Patterson 1934-1935
C. Johnstone 1935-1936
F.I. Spielman 1936-1937
R.D. Sutherland 1937-1938
G.R. Atchison 1938-1939
W.L. Gray 1939-1940

R.N. Coke 1940-1941
C.F. Ritchie 1941-1942
H.E. McCrudden 1942-1943
L.I. Playfair 1943-1944
R.H. Mather 1944-1945
W. Dixon 1945-1946
H.E. Dawson 1946-1947
E.A. Thorne 1947-1948
L. O'Sullivan 1948-1949
B.L. Cassidy 1949-1950

J.D. Hambly 1950-1951
G. Gillett 1951-1952
W.R. Way 1952-1953
H.F. Finnemore 1953-1954
J.A. Pagé 1954-1955
D.C. Borden 1955-1956
L. Roy 1956-1957
E. Bushel 1957-1958
J.A. Tames 1958-1959
R.H. Hall 1959-1960

C.A. Morrison 1960-1961
Wm. M. Massie 1961-1962
J.M. Sharpe 1962-1963
R.E. Gohier 1963-1964
L.E. Doray 1964-1965
A.L. Stevinson 1965-1966
B. Kell 1966-1967
M. St-Jacques 1967-1968
M. St-Jacques 1968-1969
W.P. Beazley 1969-1970

H.R. Vézina 1970-1971
J.W. Dunfield 1971-1972
P. Lapierre 1972-1973
R. Plamondon 1973-1974
L.G. Boivin 1974-1975
Gilles Perron 1975-1976
H.S. Lunan 1976-1977
P.M. Morency 1977-1978
A. Lavallée 1978-1979

André Dupont 1979-1980
R.L. Papineau 1980-1981
Michel Giroux 1981-1982
Jean Ghanimé 1982-1983
G.A Gauthier  1984-1985
M. Delaney 1985-1986
J. Marquis 1986-1987
M.G. Séguin 1987-1988
R. Marcoux  1988-1989
J.M. Fournier 1989-1990
M.P. Lavallée 1990-1991
G. Girard 1991-1992
B.R. Beaulieu 1992-1993
S. Archambault 1993-1994
R. Godbout 1994-1995
R. Ricard 1995-1996
A. Robidoux 1996-1997
J. Marquis 1997-1998
D. Lefebvre 1998-1999
C. Girard 1999-2000
R. Boulé 2000-2001
M. Dubeau 2001-2003
G. Thibault 2003-2005
L. Fraser 2005-2006
R. Handfield 2006-2007
S. Leblanc 2007-2008
P. Hudon 2008-2009
M. Lambert 2009-2010
K. Olechnowizh 2010-2012
D. Tremblay 2012-2014
F. Willier 2014-2016
G. Farthing 2016-2017