The humble story of a great association


The Club d’électricité de Montréal is duly incorporated and by-laws are adopted at its first annual general meeting.


Change of name. At a special meeting held in February, it was agreed to form a corporate club. During the year, the Club d’électricité de Montréal becomes the Club d’électricité du Québec inc.


The first organizational brief is presented to the Committee on Labour and Economy. This paper focuses on the situation and prospects of electricity in Quebec.


The Club presents its recommendations to the Minister of Natural Resources and the Opposition on the bill to create a Régie de l’énergie.


In October, members of the Club d’électricité du Québec unanimously adopted a new name, the Association de l’industrie électrique du Québec (AIEQ) and the creation of a permanent CEO position. Mr. Jacques Marquis is the first to occupy this function. The AIEQ becomes more than ever a vital partner in all discussions relating to this industry.

List of the chairmen of the Board of Directors since the creation of the AIEQ.


G.A. Gauthier 1984-1985
M. Delaney 1985-1986
Jacques Marquis 1986-1987
M.G. Séguin 1987-1988
R. Marcoux 1988-1989
Jean-Marc Fournier 1989-1990

Mathieu P. Lavallée 1990-1991
G. Girard 1991-1992
B.R. Beaulieu 1992-1993
S. Archambault 1993-1994
R. Godbout 1994-1995
R. Ricard 1995-1996
A. Robidoux 1996-1997
Jacques Marquis 1997-1998