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TheAIEQ brings together:

  • electricity producers, transporters and distributors
  • major developers
  • manufacturing multinationals with a strong presence in Québec
  • service companies with international reach
  • innovative SMEs with high export potential
  • teaching institutions and university chairs in the energy field
  • energy associations
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The benefits of membership

Find out why joiningAIEQ opens new doors for you:

1. Accelerate your business development
Benefit from a dynamic business network by joining the AIEQ, which brings together companies from all sectors of the electrical industry in Quebec. Our association brings together the main players in the electrical industry, from a wide range of sectors related to electricity. We'd like to help you forge strong business links. Our members come from all regions of Quebec!

2. Meet decision-makers
Meet public and private sector managers at AIEQ events, offering unique business partnership opportunities.

3. Optimize your operations
Improve your supply chain and keep up to date with market trends by meeting experts in your sector.

4. Privileged access for members
As an AIEQ member, you benefit from priority access to quality events that keep you informed of the latest developments in your industry. Be at the head of the queue for tickets, especially for limited-capacity events. Purchase visibility plans, some options of which are reserved for members, to showcase your company at our events.

5. Be well represented
The AIEQ consults with its members on a regular basis, and ensures that they are well represented in dealings with government bodies. If you have any requests, let us know! The AIEQ is actively involved in renewable energy issues. The AIEQ is recognized for its strong and influential voice, focusing on the concerns and demands of its members. We strive to promote the harmonious development of our industry.

6. Reach out!
We promote our members and the electrical industry through various provincial, national and international initiatives. Your company will be highlighted in our member directory, with a profile page linking directly to your website. You can include photos, promotional and recruitment videos, product sheets and more.

7. Be connected to your industry
We facilitate the exchange of useful information for our members via our communication tools.

8. Discounts and benefits
We offer discounts on tickets for our events, and we sign agreements with friendly organizations, enabling you to obtain discounts for their events.

9. Leadership opportunity
Being a member is the first step to eventually sitting on the AIEQ Board of Directors.

10. Participation inAIEQ committees and consultations
Contribute actively to the evolution of the industry by participating in our committees and consultations.

Join AIEQ today and benefit from all these advantages to propel your company's business! Be part of a community dedicated to excellence within the electrical industry for the energy transition! Join us on this dynamic adventure and help shape Quebec's energy landscape.

Let's electrify the future together !


  • Category 1: Corporate Member
    Rates are based on the number of employees in your company. This number will be displayed in your detailed file.
  • Category 2: Associate member
    The fee is set by our Board of Directors.

To become a member or for more information,
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