AIEQ at a glance

Spotlight on AIEQ


Promote a favorable business climate for Quebec's electrical industry ecosystem, at the heart of the global energy transition.


Make Quebec a world-renowned hub of innovation for its ability to accelerate the deployment of technologies and infrastructures that promote the intelligent use of green electricity.

Our values

  • Commitment
  • Integrity
  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Radiation
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AIEQ in a nutshell

  • A century-long history
    Solidly established in Quebec for over a century, the AIEQ embodies excellence and continuity.
  • Exemplary governance
    Our impeccable governance is the foundation of our credibility and success.
  • Green Export
    We bring together Quebec's leading exporters of green power products and services.
  • Dynamic ecosystem
    We represent the entire ecosystem of Quebec's electrical industry, always focused on developing new markets.
  • Innovation and collective wealth
    As the privileged representative of an innovative industrial cluster, we create collective wealth and play a key role in the global energy transition.
  • Bridge to education and research
    We act as a bridge between industry and the world of education and research, fostering synergies and innovation.
  • Economic development
    Dedicated to economic development, the AIEQ is supported by the major players in Quebec's electrical industry. It is recognized by the various levels of government.

The story of a great association

An electrifying journey through time
Let's delve into the vibrant history of the AIEQ, an essential pillar of Quebec's energy landscape!

Sparkling beginnings
It all began in 1916, when a visionary group of industry leaders came together to form an association dedicated to the promotion and development of the electrical industry in Quebec.

Growth and innovation
Over the years, the AIEQ has continued to grow and evolve, reflecting the dynamics of the industry itself. The Association has established itself as an influential and respected voice. It has anticipated change, embraced new technologies and spearheaded the energy transition. Among other things, it offers avant-garde conferences and innovative projects, in addition to representing its members.

Community involvement and sustainable development
AIEQ doesn't just promote electricity; it's also committed to building a sustainable future. Through awareness-raising initiatives and strategic partnerships, it is working for a greener, cleaner Quebec. The Association encourages the adoption of renewable energies and supports energy efficiency projects, helping to reduce the industry's carbon footprint.

A bright future
Today, the AIEQ continues to shine brightly, backed by over a century of experience and a solid network. Looking to the future, the Association is committed to staying at the forefront of innovation and guiding Quebec's electrical industry to new heights. The AIEQ is ready to meet tomorrow's challenges with passion and determination.