and sustainable


Why focus on developing Quebec's supply chain now?

  • The growth of electrification in Québec, Canada and North America offers significant business opportunities for local companies.
  • Global supply chains at risk
  • The pandemic revealed the weak links in our supply chain, and above all its fragility.
  • The energy transition offers us a golden opportunity to create here the world's best ecosystems in talent, innovation, procurement, energy efficiency and digital network management.
  • Increasing local economic spinoffs

The objectives

Objective 1 - Consolidate Pasqé

RESULTS 2023-2024

  • Second call for interest with independent experts
  • AIEQ risk review with Raymond Chabot
  • Developing governance policies
  • Proper accountability to funders and clients
  • Reviewing criteria to be more inclusive in supply chains


  • Selection of 2nd candidates, call for interest
  • Participation in the review with MEIE and IQ of procurement measures for the electricity industry
  • Promote coaching results with customers and secure supplies

Objective 2 - Consolidate funding and offer 2 calls for interest per year

RESULTS 2023-2024

  • Allocation of PASQÉ assistance to eight candidate companies
  • Allocation of 20 STIQ diagnostics
  • Launch of call for interest
  • Economic study of Pasqé's impact on the revenues of Quebec companies
  • STIQ Recognition Gala


  • Allocation of PASQÉ assistance to 3 or 5 candidate companies from 2nd call for proposals
  • Allocation of 12 STIQ diagnostics
  • Launch of call for interest
  • Request for recapitalization assistance from MEIE and support from the federal government
  • Promoting PASQÉ 2

Objective 3 - Facilitate networking & Support SMEs

RESULTS 2023-2024

  • Sustainable procurement and innovation day
  • RES and GHG awareness sessions
  • Session with the Saint-Hilaire Native House
  • Business coaching experience


  • ÉnergiQ event October 15-17 with InnovÉE on the energy transition
  • Explore a RES and GHG support program to enable SMEs to carry out a risk analysis and draw up an action plan*.
  • Awareness session with Aboriginals - Participate in procurement surveys with principals
  • Preliminary mapping of the electrical industry in Quebec

* Conditional on additional federal and/or Quebec funding